How Our Journey Began

You read in the papers and hear in the news, stories about how someone suffered from the effects of flying by developing DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), a condition that if left untreated can cause serious illness, disability, and in some cases be life threatening. But it wasn't until one day that someone very close to us developed similar symptoms after a long haul flight from the UK to NZ.  We had the condition checked out by a medical physician at a hospital here in NZ and after much relief, we were happy that there would be no further long term effects or complications.

Doctors visit for DVT

Although the results for DVT were clear, the price our friend paid for flying all that way, meant they were out of action for days afterwards while they recovered. This event had started a discussion, about the awareness of DVT, the effects of Jet-Lag and how to come up with a solution to help prevent DVT occurring.  Most importantly we asked the question;

What is the real cost of Jet Lag on your body & time to recover, during and after your business trip or vacation?”​

"So we set out on an adventure to change the lives of all who enjoy travelling as much as we do!"

We decided that if we were going to bring a product to market, it had to accomplish what it is we were aiming to overcome....the issues relating to JET LAG and the effects of FLYING at altitude.

"It needed to address the following aspects"

  • A natural relaxant in the initial stage of the flight to assist those nervous about flying.
  • A natural blood flow assistant to act as a preventative for DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).
  • Provide active hydration throughout the duration of the flight, superior to that of water.
  • It had to aid digestion while being seated for prolonged periods, to reduce bloating and discomfort.
  • contain powerful anti-oxidants to mop up the free radicals created by increased exposure to radiation levels at altitude.
  • It must be able to help the body to flush out those free radicals after the flight, so as to not feel exhausted for days afterwards.
  • It needed to prepare the body before the landing gate to assist in being alert and active long after landing.
  • Ideally it should be gluten free, wheat free & dairy free.
  • It had to be easy to use and consume in-flight.
  • Last but not least, it had to taste great too.
Otago University NZ

So with an initial concept in place of what we needed it to do, we approached researchers at the School of Physical Education and Department of Food Science at The University of Otago. Scientists within this team had formerly advised NASA and the Sport New Zealand High Performance Program for New Zealand’s Olympic athletes.

A short-list of ingredients was compiled by the development team and then ingredients were bypassed unless they were backed by scientifically identified results for one-off doses used in amounts achievable in a drink. This means that if an active ingredient has a beneficial effect on the body, unless the minimum amount required to provide that effect can be used in the drink consumed, then it will not be included. Reason being is that alot of drinks claim to have ingredients in them that provide a proven benefit but certainly do not have enough of the active ingredient in the drink to actually provide the benefit that it claims it can do. The selection was further refined on the basis of passenger safety, interaction with other desired ingredients, the overall effect required and flavour.

Once a final formulation had been designed, the beverages underwent testing in double-blind crossover tests in a simulated flight environment (minus the radiation exposure) and the results analysed. The results confirm the superior hydration provided by FLYHIDRATE over the conventional consumption of water.

FLYHIDRATE places an emphasis on natural ingredients to achieve the desired functional benefits, whilst keeping sugar and carbohydrate content as low as practicably possible. Electrolytes essential to the hydration process were supplemented by vitamins and ‘super’ antioxidants. The blood circulation assister's and anticoagulants are natural food extracts safe for general consumption at the formulation levels used, along with natural ingredients to counter free-radical damage as a result of higher radiation exposure due to flying at altitude.

Finally, after 2 years of collaboration and development, we have the solution to every traveller's nightmare.  Not only that, we accomplished what we had set out to achieve!

2 Years
Development Time
David Caldwell All Blacks Tours

" I would have to say that using Flyhidrate on the way to South America certainly seemed to have some benefits compared to not using it on the way home. The most significant difference would be the oedema, much more swelling on the way home without Flyhidrate. "

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